Companies with crews that are consistently traveling outside their home office area are seeking comfortable, quality accommodations, that are affordable and close to the job site location. This is what Amber Schofman, Vice President and Co-Founder at, strives to provide. With years of experience and market knowledge, she endeavors to provide the best possible lodging and travel management solutions. has emerged as one of the most reliable travel management advisory entities in North America. The company is acknowledged for providing end-to-end lodging management solutions at affordable prices.

A crucial element of the company, Amber Schofman ensures that employees on business tour have a pleasant experience at a lodge or hotel. As she handles everything related to the lodging services personally, she ensures that the employees do not compromise on their productivity.

Amber Schofman Contribute Towards the Company’s Success?


Amber hails from the property management, corporate housing and work force lodging industries. She proficiently carries out systems and operations management related activities. Amber manages company’s daily operations and team members, thereby enabling the company to accomplish projects in the most efficient manner.

Owing to her experience in operations, she understands the requirements of partner facilities across the country in order to provide the highest quality and most satisfactory lodging management services.

Amber works in conjunction with the facility to manage the reservations and acts as a liaison between the client’s corporate office, client crew lead and crew members on the ground to ensure a smooth and simple transaction. And that all details of the reservation are properly communicated and executed per the clients’ requirements.

She oversees the transactions from research and procurement, reservation, tracking and personnel roster management, to check out and audit. Outsourcing a travel manager such as is how ensures our services are second to none.

Amber Schofman Contribute Towards the Company’s Success?

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