Companies with mobile work forces traveling to job sites are seeking solutions to reduce and control their lodging costs. No one wants to pay for overcharges, empty rooms, increased rates or incidentals that were not authorized. This is where comes into play., a renowned travel management company, is acknowledged for providing business-to-business, end-to-end corporate travel solutions. The company uses different matrixes such as corporate travel trends, total volume of travel, daily and overall job budgets to assist their clients in reducing lodging expenditures, thereby enabling them to maintain their annual corporate travel budget.

The company offers personalized lodging solutions after analyzing a client’s budget and travel requirements that enable them to realize reduced travel costs and administrative time and labor. stay ahead of the curve?


Amber hails from the property management, corporate housing and work force lodging industries. She proficiently carries out systems and operations management related activities. Amber manages company’s daily operations and team members, thereby enabling the company to accomplish projects in the most efficient manner.

Owing to her experience in operations, she understands the requirements of partner facilities across the country in order to provide the highest quality and most satisfactory lodging management services.

Amber works in conjunction with the facility to manage the reservations and acts as a liaison between the client’s corporate office, client crew lead and crew members on the ground to ensure a smooth and simple transaction. And that all details of the reservation are properly communicated and executed per the clients’ requirements.

She oversees the transactions from research and procurement, reservation, tracking and personnel roster management, to check out and audit. Outsourcing a travel manager such as is how ensures our services are second to none.

Amber Schofman Contribute Towards the Company’s Success?

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With its customized and well-researched solutions, the company does not allow you to compromise on quality while maintaining your travel budget. It has unlimited selections of vetted hotels, lodges and camp brands across North America, thereby providing the best possible solutions.

The company offers simplified reservation process to make it convenient for clients to submit their query. They can submit their query related to lodging solutions through voice, email, text, website submission and mobile application. Further, it ensures expedited express check-in for crew members at all locations, offering them more time for rest and productivity.